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University of Fukui

University of Fukui


The website of the University of Fukui.

Student Support Offices


Click here for all kinds of support!—List of Contacts for Consultation Services—

Support for students with disabilities


This link includes regulations on promoting the elimination of disability-based discrimination and information on enrollment of students with disabilities.

Consultation Organizations at the University of Fukui

University of Fukui Health Administration Center

The Health Administration Center provides support for students who are not feeling well physically. You can be seen by one of the university doctors.

Consultation Organizations Outside the University of Fukui

There are organizations outside the University of Fukui where you can receive consultation when you are having problems with student life. You can go there directly by yourself or get a referral from the Student Support and Counseling Office before going. Consider using an outside consultation organization as well.

Disability and Welfare Division, Health and Welfare Department, Fukui Prefecture

Pamphlet (PDF)

General consultation for university students.

Consumer Affairs Center, Fukui Prefecture

Consultation about false billing, problems with product purchases, suspicious phone calls, and more.

Labor Consultation Section, Fukui Labor Bureau


This is the website of the Fukui Labor Bureau. They offer consultation about part-time job labor conditions, cases in which you want to quit but are not allowed to quit, power harassment, and more.

Japan Legal Support Center


The Japan Legal Support Center is a legal consultation center with locations nationwide to help solve legal issues.

Victim Support Center


The Victim Support Center offers support when you are the victim of a traffic accident or crime.

Hinagiku (sexual assault victim support center)


Female staff offer support to victims of sexual assault.

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